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Nancye Wynne Bolton
Nancye Wynne Bolton (20)
(6 singles,10 doubles,4 mixed)

Adrian Quist
Adrian Quist (13)
(3 singles, 10 doubles titles)

Martina Navratilova
Martina Navratilova (12)
(3 singles,8 doubles,1 mixed)

Roger Federer
Roger Federer (4 singles titles)
(2004, 2006, 2007, 2010)

The Origin of Australian Open Tennis History

Six Australian state tennis affiliations and the govering body of the game in New Zealand agreed to form the Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia in the year of 1904. In 1905 was created a tournament named The Australasian Mens Championships. The tournament was held at the Albert Reserve in Melbourne, on the lawns of the Wareousemans Cricket Club. This tournament is the first of the Grand Slams tennis Tournaments held each year (other Grand Slams are Wimbledon, US Open and French Open) at Melbourne Park - creating australian open tennis history.. Since 1905 the tournament has been held on grass. Since 1988 the tournament is held on hard court surface at Mebourne Park. In this tournament are men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, mixed doubles , girls and boys tournament and master's competitions. As you'll see below, many of the champions may have neededto install new custom shelving in their homes to handle all their trophies.

Court 0002

Australian Open Tennis History Through the Years

1904 ▪ LAWN TENNIS ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALASIA FOUNDED ▪ Six Australian state tennis associations and the governing body in New Zealand formed the Lawn Tennis Association of Australasia - creating of Australian Open Tennis History.

1905 ▪ FIRST AUSTRALASIAN MENS CHAMPIONSHIP ▪ The tournament was staged at the Albert Reserve in Melbourne, on the lawns of the Warehouseman’s Cricket Club. The very first champion was Rodney Heath of Australia defeating Arthur Curtis in finals with 4–6 6–3 6–4 6–4 in front of 5,000 spectators.

1906 ▪ FIRST AUSTRALASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS AT NEW ZAELAND ▪ The event was to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand – the first of two occasions that New Zealand would host the event. The other occurred six years later, when the city of Hastings staged the tournament in 1912.

1912 ▪ AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS HISTORY ILTF FOUNDED ▪ The International lawn Tennis Federation was born with an aim of operating the 4 major tennis championships (Wimbledon Championships, US Championships , French and Australasian).

1922 ▪ AUSTRALASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS OPENED FOR WOMEN ▪ For the first time open to women, the very first womens champion was Margaret Molesworth defeating in finals Esna Boyd Robertson with6-3 10-8.

1927 ▪ AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS ▪ The Australasian Championships were predominantly held in Australia, they became the Australian Championships and would only be hosted in Australia - a new era of australian open tennis history.

1935 ▪ JACK CRAWFORD ▪ Jack Crawford of Australia won his 4th title on Australian Championships.

1951 ▪ NANCYE WYNNE BOLTON ▪ Won her 6th title of Australian Championship - she is 2nd on the eternal list in the Australian Open Tennis History female champions.

1967 ▪ ROY EMERSON ▪ Roy Emerson won his 6th title of Australian Mens Singles Championships. He won the most titles ever on Australian Championships Mens Singles.

Roy Emerson                                  Roy Emerson

1969 ▪ AUSTRALIAN OPEN ▪ In year of 1969, the Australian Open – became the official title. The name ‘Open’ was adopted as it was the first time both professionals and amateurs could compete at the tournament.

1971 ▪ AUSTRALIAN OPEN PLAYED LAST TIME OUTSIDE MELBOURNE ▪ White City, Sydney, played host to the event that saw two Australian tennis legends Ken Rosewall and Margaret Court claim the respective singles’ titles (in australian open tennis history).

1972 ▪ KEN ROSEWALL ▪ Ken Rosewall of Australia won his 4th title on Australian Open Championships.

1973 ▪ AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS HISTORY OF MARGARET SMITH COURT ▪ Margaret Smith Court of Australia won her 11th title of Australian Open Womens Singles Championship, more than any other player, men or woman.

Margaret Smith Court                                   Margaret Smith Court

1982 ▪ THE KOOYONG LAWN TENNIS CLUB ▪ The Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club became the adopted home of the Australian Open in 1982.

1987 ▪ GRASS SURFACE FOR THE LAST TIME ON AUSTRALIAN OPEN TENNIS HISTORY ▪ Saw the last staging of the Open on grass. In an epic five set Stefan Edberg def. Pat Cash in the men’s final in front of a capacity crowd at Kooyong. Hana Mandilkova was the women’s champion.

1988 ▪ MELBOURNE PARK;REBOUND ACE SURFACE ▪ Tennis Australia and the Open established a new home at Flinders Park (now Melbourne Park). The tournament was played on Rebound Ace for the first time in Australian open tennis history.

2000 ▪ ROD LAVER ARENA ▪ The centre court was christened to Rod Laver Arena - definitely "new era" of Australian Open Tennis History.

2003 ▪ ANDRE AGASSI ▪ Andre Agassi of United States won his 4th title in Australian Open Tennis History.

Central Court 0007
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