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Tennis History

tennis history, first US davis cup team
US Davis Cup Team 1900
Malcolm Whitman, Dwight
F. Davis, Holcombe Ward

tennis history,May Sutton Bundy
May Sutton Bundy (USA)

Tennis History of 20th Century

1900 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF DAVIS CUP ▪ Dwight F.Davis, a Harvard university student decides to degree a team challenge match between the United States and the British Isles. The cup was engraved as "International Lawn Tennis Challenge Trophy", later known as the Davis Cup.

1905AUSTRALIAN OPEN FOUNDED ▪ The Australasian National Championships, later became known as Australian Open are founded, with the venue alternating between centers in Australia and New Zealand.

1912 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL LAWN TENNIS FEDERATION ▪ The International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) is born with an aim of operating the 4 major tennis championships (Wimbledon Championships, U.S. Championships, Australasian Championships and French Championships).

1913TENNIS HISTORY OF ILTF ▪ Founded with 13 members representing 14 countries. The aim is to ensure the sport grows with regular scoring and minimum difference between country members (1977. became ITF).

1919 ▪ SUZANNE LENGLEN WON FIRST WIMBLEDON TITLE ▪ Suzanne Lenglen, the first tennis sensation wins the Wimbledon Ladies Championships title, the first of 12 titles at what are later become the Grand Slam tournaments. She mixes relentless accuracy with balletic elegance, and enchances tennis's profile as a popular sport and very contributed to history of tennis.

tennis history pictures,Suzanne Lenglen                                        tennis history pictures, suzanne lenglen

1922 ▪ AUSTRALASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS OPEN FOR WOMEN ▪ The Australasian Championships are open to women for the first time(tennis history source from web).

1924 ▪ TENNIS WITDRAWN FROM OLYMPIC GAMES ▪ Tennis retired from the Olympic Games referring a lack of professionalism in the arrangement and Olyimpic Games desire to not schedule Wimbledon Championships in an year of the Olympic Games.

1925 ▪ FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIPS RULE "FRENCH RESIDENTS ONLY" DROPPED ▪ Finally "French residents only" rule is dropped by the French Championships. Australasian championships became Australian Championships and would be hosted only in territory of Australia.

1927 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF ROLAND GARROS ▪ In the Wimbledon Championships idea of seeding players was presented for the first time. The French win the davis Cup , The French national association gets land ont the edge of Paris from the city authorities, builds a new tennis stadium, and names it Roland Garros (he was French war hero in First World War).

1928 ▪ ROLAND GARROS HOSTED FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIPS ▪ The Stade Roland Garros hosts the French Championships for the first time in the history of tennis.

1930 ▪ TENNIS RACQUETS IMPROVED ▪ One-piece Ash wood tennis racquets reaplaced with laminted wood.

1933 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF JACK CRAWFORD ▪ Australian Jack Crawford comes within one set of winning all four major titles in the same year. There are mutterings that he is on the verge of a "Grand Slam" - taken from the card game Bridge.It was truly an extraordinary sporting achievement Until today, it managed only a handful of outstanding tennis players, really a great moment in the history of tennis, right?

tennis history pictures0004                            tennis history, picture0012

1938 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF DON BUDGE ▪ The first tennis player to complete the tennis history of Grand Slam of all 4 Championships in the same year was the American Don Budge.The New York Times tennis correspondent Allison Danzig uses the phrase ‘a Grand Slam in tennis’, thereby entrenching the term in tennis vocabulary of tennis history.

1947 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF JACK KRAMER ▪ Jack Kramer wins Wimbledon. He had involved to turn professional the previous year but was determined to win Wimbledon once, to give credibility to his assault on the professional circuit, both as a player and as an entrepreneur. He was to become one of the most influential figures of the modern tennis world.

1950 ▪ PRO TOUR BECAME POPULAR ▪ Pro Tour created by Jack Cramer becomes very popular with both amateur tennis players and the public (history of tennis web source).

1953 ▪ TENNIS HISTORY OF MAUREEN CONNELLY ▪ She was first woman who win all 4 Chamiponships in history of tennis and complete the "Grand Slam".

1960 ▪ DEBATE FOR THE IDEA OF OPEN TENNIS ▪ Determined by years of charges of ‘shamateurism’, the ILTF annual meeting debates a move to get tennis ‘open’ (to end the split amateur and professional circuits that had plagued the sport since the 1920s). The idea is defeated by five votes. It meant the four Grand Slam tournaments remained purely for ‘amateurs’, and any man who had won a couple of majors in their early 20s of tennis history was likely to leave the official circuit to earn money as a touring professional.

1967 ▪ WILSON'S FIRST METAL RACQUET ▪ The first metal tennis racquet appears thanks to Wilson. Wimbledon holds a demonstration tournament for professionals, and declares that its 1968 championships will be open to all participants, amateurs and professionals. It's the sign for tennis to go "open".

1968 ▪ OPEN ERA ▪ "Open Era" of tennis history begins (on next page).

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