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Wiliam and Ernest Renshaw
Wiliam and Ernest Renshaw
W(7): 1881,1882, 1883,
1884,1885,1886, 1889

W. Baddeley
Wilfred Baddeley
W(3): 1891,1892,1895

Blanche Bingley Hillyard
Blanche Bingley Hillyard
W(6): 1886,1889,1894,

Tennis In Wimbledon - Glorious History

The very first Wimbledon Tennis championship take place in 1877 at the All England lawn tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London,United Kingdom - the real home of modern tennis and wimbledon tennis history. All England Crocquet Club was the sponsor and the event was initially made to produce money to repair a broken roller at the private club but instead, has grown to the most respected tournament in the whole world. Just 22 players introduced the Mens Singles and spectators pais a mere one shilling to watch the final match.

Wimbledon Court 0001                                                                Wimbledon Court 0002

True Home Of Modern Tennis Since 1877

In these days of wimbledon tennis history women werent't permitted to play tennis until 1884(and mens doubles are added in the same year 1884) and the only event was the Mens Singles. Spencer Gore was the first winner out of a pool od 22 participants, he will be famous for ever because he is the very first Wimbledon Tennis Champion. The final match was played in front of 200 spectators paid one shilling each to watch the final match first Singles Mens Championships in Wimbledon history.
The very first Wimbledon Championships was played at the private club placed off Worple Road (in 1922 the club was relocated to Church Road and undergone different changes since).The event was reserver for 2 weeks period in June, precisely six weeks from the first Monday in August. In whole Wimbledon tennis history only 3 times has the event more lasting due to rain delays.The players wore ties and hats and were warned to wear shoes without heels. The tennis balls were hend sewn and serves were played underarm. Green and purple always been the main colors of Wimbledon wtih of course the players wearing mostly all in white. Centre Court, the most prestigious court in Wimbledon, was reserved the finals - this court is most prestigious of all 19 courts. Also, court 1 and court 2 will host events on tennis championships.

The only Grand Slam event who is still playing on the grass surface is Wimbledon Championships event(other Grand Slam tournaments are US Open, Australian Open and French Open). Since 1902 official tennis balls are Dunlop Slazenger. Ladies Singles Champion wind a sterling silver salver known as Rosewater Dish and Mens Singles Champion wind a silver gilt cup. The traditional food in Wimbledon are strawberries and cream -an amazing wimbledon tennis history.
The past winner with most titles from Wimbledon and the Wimbledon Tennis Champion with 9 titles from ladies Single is Martina Navratilova. Wiliam Renshaw and Pete Sampras are wimbledon's past winner for the most men's singles titles with 7 titles each.
Year of 2007 was great for increasing popularity, about 500,000 spectators with much more following the Championships through TV, internet, press and other media. Participants come from more than 60 countries to batlle for title. From 2007, the very fist time in Wimbledon tennis history, the men and women were paid the same amount for reward. In the past men always won more amount than woman, 2007 were award $1,540,000 each, ladies singles champion and mens singles champion - new era of wimbledon tennis history.

Wimbledon Tennis Through The Centuries

1875 ▪ HENRY CAVENDISH JONES;NEW RULES;RECTANGULAR COURT AND MESEURMENTS ▪ All England Crocquet Club was conviced by Henry Cavendish Jones to substitute a croquet court with a lawn tennis court - started true wimbledon tennis history. Marylebone Cricket Club followed suit. They made fundamental changes to the game of lawn tennis. Therefore, Marylebone Cricket Club added deuce, advantage and 2 chances per each serve. The hourglass shaped court also replaced by rectangular court with identical meseurments we use today.

1877 ▪ WIMBLEDON TENNIS HISTORY ▪ THE VERY FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP; SPENCER GORE ▪ Worple Road in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom hosted the very first World Tennis Championship in 1877 - that is true home of modern tennis. All England Crocquet Club were the sponsors. In the mens Singles entered 22 players, and that was only event. For the watching the finals, spectators payed one shilling each. The very first winner of Wimbledon Tennis Championships was Spencer Gore.

1880 ▪ OVERHEAD SMASH;RENSHAW BROTHERS ▪ Renshaw brothers introduced "overhead smash" to the game ". The brothers were dominate for a decade, winnig 8 of possible 10 championships in that decade (except 1880 and 1887) of wimbledon tennis history.

Renshaw Brothers                                          Suzanne Lenglen

1884 ▪ WOMENS AND MENS DOUBLES INTRODUCED ▪ Womens participate to the Wimbledon Championships for the very first time. On the first Wimbledon Championship for Ladies were only 13 participants, ladies. Maud Watson was the very first champion.Also, for the first time Mens Doubles Championship were introduced.

1887 ▪ LOTTIE DOD ▪ Wimbledon tennis history moment ▪ Lottie Dod wins the Wimbledon Ladies Singles title for the first time (5 times in period 1887 - 1893). She is the youngest player to win a singles event at the age of only 15 years and 285 days of wimbledon tennis history.

Lottie Dod                                   Spencer Gore                                    Herbert Lawford, Champion 1887

Wimbledon Tennis History - Part II

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