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Lawrence Doherty
Lawrence Doherty

Charlotte Cooper Sterry
Charlotte Cooper Sterry

Dorothea Douglas Lambert Chambers
Dorothea Douglas Lambert
Chambers W(7):1903,1904,

Rod Laver
Rod Laver

Martina Navratilova
Martina Navratilova
W(9): 1978,1979,1982,1983, 1884,1985,1986,1987,1990

Wimbledon Tennis History - Part II

1899 ▪ ALL ENGLAND TENNIS & CROCQUET CLUB ▪ The All England Croquet Club changed it's name to the All England Tennis & Croquet Club.

1905 ▪ FIRST INTERNATIONAL LADIES SINGLES CHAMPION & DOHERTY BROTHERS ▪ Laurie and Reggie Doherty won the Wimbledon Mens Doubles title for a record time, the brothers were born in Wimbledon. Winner of the ladies Singles was May Sutton and was the first international tennis player to win at Wimbledon Championships.

1907 ▪ FIRST INTERNATIONAL MENS SINGLES CHAMPION ▪ Australian player Norman Brookes became the first international Wimbledon Mens Singles Champion.

1908 ▪ OLDEST LADIES SINGLES CHAMPION ▪ Mrs Charlotte Sterry (United Kingdom) became the oldest Wimbledon Ladies Singles champion at the age of 37 years and 282 days.

1909 ▪ OLDEST MENS SINGLES CHAMPION ▪ Arthur Gore of Great Britain became the oldest Wimbledon Mens Singles champion at the age of 41 years and 182 days.

1920 ▪ SUZZANE LENGLEN; STARTED NEW WIMBLEDON WORKS ▪ Started building works on new Wimbledon Championships tournament located on Chursh Street. Suzanne Lenglen of France became the first player to win triple crown of Ladies Singles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Suzanne Lenglen                              Suzanne Lenglen

1922 ▪ OPENED NEW WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS ▪ The new Wimbledon Championships located on Church Street was open for business. Prince Albert and the Prince of Wales were at the grand opening. The new arena had a capacity 14,000.

1927 ▪ SEEDING PLAYERS IDEA INTRODUCED ▪ The idea of seeding players was introduced for the first time.

1934 ▪ LAST BRITISH DOUBLE ▪ Miss Dorothy Round and Fred Perry won both the Wimbledon Mens and Ladies Singles titles. It has so far proven to be the last British double.

1936 ▪ FRED PERRY OF GREAT BRITAIN ▪ Fred Perry became Wimbledon Mens Singles champion for the third successive year. This is the last time a British player has won the Wimbledon Mens Singles title.

1940 ▪ WORLD WAR II ▪ WIMBLEDON CHAMPIONSHIPS ON HOLD ▪ From 1940 - 1945 World War II put a hold on the Wimbledon and French Championships. It was in October 1940 that a Centre Court was hit by a bomb. Luckily no lives were lost, but Wimbledon Championships lose 1200 seats.

1946 ▪ WIMBLEDON OPENED AGAIN ▪ Wimbledon and French Championships are open for tennis.

1949 ▪ GUSSY MORAN DRESS ▪ Fashion designer Ted Tinling make a dress for the American Gertrude Moran that would shock Wimbledon.Her lace-trimmed knickers were front-page news global.

Gussy Moran                             Gussy Moran

1962 ▪ ROD LAVER ▪ Rod Laver of Australia wins the Wimbledon Mens Singles title on his way to securing his first of two Grand Slam titles.

1967 ▪ WIMBLEDON PROULDY PRESENTED ON COLOUR TV ▪ Wimbledon Championships was shown on colour television for the first time on BBC.

1971 ▪ TIE BREAK PRESENTED ▪ The Tie-break was presented first time Wimbledon tennis history, and came into effect if the score in games achieved 8-8 in any set except the final set.

1973 ▪ SUSPENSION BY ATP ▪ Wimbledon is boycotted by the ATP following the suspension of Yugoslav player Nikki Pilic.

1975 ▪ CHAIRS ON COURT ▪ For the first time players were allowed chairs on court to allow them to rest during a change of ends.

1976 ▪ BJORN BORG ▪ The legendary Swedish player Björn Borg won his 1st singles title.

1977 ▪ WIMBLEDON LAWN TENNIS MUSEUM OPENED ▪ The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum opened. Virginia Wade was the last British tennis player to win Wimbledon when she won the Ladies Singles title.

1979 ▪ BILLIE JEAN KING ▪ The Tie-break rule was to come into play at a score in games of 6-6 (instead of 8-8), with the exception of final sets. Billie Jean King won the Wimbledon Ladies Doubles title, which totalled a record 20 titles in all (6 Ladies Singles, 10 Ladies Doubles, and 4 Mixed Doubles).

1980 ▪ TENNIS MATCH ON SUNDAY FOR FIRST TIME ▪ Tennis was played at Wimbledon on Sunday for the first time. Björn Borg secures his 5th consecutive Wimbledon Mens Singles title. The longest Tie-break at Wimbledon was in the 1980 Mens Singles Final between John McEnroe (USA) and Björn Borg (Sweden), with a score of 18-16 in favour of Björn Borg.

Bjorn Borg                            Bjorn Borg

1985 ▪ BORIS BECKER ▪ German player Boris Becker was the youngest ever and first unseeded Wimbledon Mens Singles champion at the age of only 17 years and 227 days.

Boris Becker                            Boris Becker

1990 ▪ MARTINA NAVRATILOVA ▪ Martina Navratilova became the Wimbledon Ladies Singles champion for a record 9th time.

1994 ▪ TIM HENMAN DISQUALIFIED ▪ Tim Henman was disqualified during a Wimbledon Mens Doubles match after hitting a ball in anger and striking a ball girl (accidentally of course).

1996 ▪ MARTINA HINGIS ▪ Martina Hingis of Switzerland was the youngest ever Wimbledon champion when she won the Ladies Doubles in 1996 at the age of only 15 years and 282 days.

2001 ▪ GORAN IVANSEVIC ▪ Goran Ivanisevic of Croatia became the first Wimbledon Wildcard in history to win the Mens Singles title.

2009 ▪ ROGER FEDERER ▪ Roger Federer of Swiss became for the 6th time Wimbledon Mens Singles Champion. He was champion beetwen 2003-2007 - five times in the row and this year he definetely come back on the top.

Wimbledon Tennis History - Part I

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